About Us

About San Diego Community Living Services

Our Pledge

You can count on San Diego Community Living Services to:
* Honor your right to make decisions for yourself regarding your life.
* Ask permission before talking to anyone about you.
* Offer services in a timely manner and keep all appointments or give sufficient notice if we have to cancel.
* Treat you with respect and dignity and always ask for your input.
* Help you create your own goals that are practical and that our services will meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.
* Regularly review your goals with you so that you can make appropriate changes.
* Assist you with making decisions for yourself so that you can become your own self-advocate.
* Help you improve your overall quality of life.

Mission Statement:

The vision and mission of San Diego Community Living Services is to provide each participant with the highest level of support and assistance. Our services are designed to create an opportunity for participants to build a partnership with service providers and develop self-reliance. We believe that self-reliance allows participants to take charge of their services, choose who will provide supports, and make decisions about daily life issues, as well as the larger defining issues. This issue of choice is a recurring value in the development of all SDCLS services. We realize the value and necessity for participants to have a sense of control and dignity in their lives. SDCLS attempts to minimize the risks of full community participation by maintaining a strong presence in the lives of our participants. We have found that this system facilitates and encourages the development of relationships with neighbors, friends, coworkers, and other peers of our participants.

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Where there are people in need, we’ll be there lending a hand, a smile, and an encouraging word.


At San Diego Community Living Services it is our belief that all individuals have the right to live as independently as they can in their own homes.

We are dedicated to promoting the quality of life for all of our participants and providing them the tools needed to access all necessary services in and around their communities.

We offer individualized support, assistance, guidance and training to maintain and promote self-sufficiency for persons with disabilities. Our dedicated staff is committed to promoting independence, being creative, and seeking out all available resources to support participants.

Currently our company is servicing an ever growing pool of participants that we match with the most proficient staff. We strive to provide quality service and are dedicated to helping participants meet their goals and objectives set forth in their Individual Support Plan (ISP), Supported Living Plan (SLP), and Tailored Day Services; Personal Support Plan (PSP) at their team meeting.