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Educational Sites

Strengths-Great site for basic skills in all academic areas, math, English, history, etc. Has not only exercises by grade level in each subject but also many all level interactive games.
Strengths-Very colorful graphics, explains problem-solving in unique ways. Draw-back-starts math at pre-algebra level.
Good site for reference material. Does offer sample problems. Drawback-in order to access additional material an individual must sign up to join.
One of the most accessed sites in education. Has a fantastic amount of educational material at its site including math, English, science music, art, etc. Innovative step by step instructions. Also accesses video explanations of topic problems and solutions. Numerous public, private and home schools use this site.
Very good program for math skills. Interactive problems with a video description and examples of problem solving techniques. The only drawback for this site is that it does start at the algebra level so participant must have mastered basic math concepts first.
Very accessible English focused website. This site is geared more toward an independent learner. Does have many lessons in which cover the scope and depth of English. Drawback-may not be accessible to English learners.
Very good site for checking the basics of the English language as far as word usage, verbs, nouns, pronoun usage, etc. Exercises begin at Easy level to Advanced levels. At the end of each exercise the participant is given a score. Drawback-There is not a lot of explanation of the concepts with this site. Participants must have sufficient background/previous knowledge.
SOS Mathematics
This site is a great resource for math lessons, activities, etc. It covers math topics ranging from Algebra to Pre-calculus. The lessons are very accessible for all levels and are varied enough to keep the attention of the participant.
USA Learns
Great site for individuals who want to learn and speak English. Very good audio examples. Does require registration but it is free. The best part about this site is that it is very interactive and it starts lessons at the basic level.

Learning New Languages

Good site for introducing a new language. This site offers language lessons in Spanish, German, French, Italian, etc. Each language will list the English word and connect it to the word in the new language that it correlates to. It also has a sample audio pronunciation of the new words. Drawback-After the first few lessons in order to continue the user must sign up to get an official log-in.
Another good website to learn different languages. This site has videos, worksheets and other activities for the participant. Drawback-This is an archived site so some of the areas might be outdated and not accessible.
American Sign language
This is a great resource for individuals that might like to try something new. This site teaches the basics of American Sign Language. There are a lot of examples and great demonstrations of commonly used words and phrases. This would be a great activity for the staff and their participant to do together.


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