Tailored Day Services

ServiceSan Diego Community Living Services
SkillsEnhance skills needed to be successful

Tailored Day Services

Tailored day services offers a variety of opportunities to experience different settings for activities that may enhance crucial skills needed to be successful, and integrated in our community. Services are attainable through San Diego Regional Center and are provided to adults with disabilities over the age of 18 years. Once services are approved individual may meet with our program coordinator to develop an individually customized program that meets the needs and preferences of the individual.

One-on-One Tailored Day Services include:

Employment Opportunities

Participant has the opportunity for voluntary or paid work in the community.

  • Job exploration
  • Vocational Development
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Community Integration

Participation in community integration and socialization skills using daily life skills.

  • Personal Safety
  • Transportation
  • Assertiveness and Self advocacy
  • Recreational and Leisure activities

Post-Secondary Education

Supporting individuals in their desire to seek higher levels of education, such as attending college, adult school and or trade school.

  • Enrollment and course selection
  • Academic and career planning
  • Executive functions
  • Resources and accommodations