Client Spotlight: Shivani – Chasing Dreams and Inspiring Others

At San Diego Community Living Services (SDCLS), we are privileged to work with incredible individuals who continuously inspire us with their determination, passion, and achievements. Today, we are thrilled to put the spotlight on Shivani, a remarkable young woman who has been a part of our SDCLS family since 2016.

Shivani’s Educational Journey:

Shivani’s educational journey is a testament to her hard work and dedication. She graduated in 2016 from Grossmont College, completing her General Education, achieving her Associates Degree in Fine Arts and Humanities and a member on the distinguished Dean’s List. In addition, she graduated with honors. In December 2020, she proudly earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts and Science and graduated Magna Cum Laude. This achievement is a significant milestone in her life. She is also considering the possibility of pursuing a master’s degree in the future.

A Passion for Reading and Giving Back:

When Shivani isn’t immersed in her studies, you can often find her lost in the pages of a book. An avid reader, she enjoys the unique ability to dive into multiple books simultaneously. But Shivani’s passion extends beyond the written word; she also has a heart for giving back to her community. Through a Facebook fundraiser, Shivani has raised over $2,000 to support children with disabilities, demonstrating her dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others.

At SDCLS, we are committed to empowering our clients to achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives. For Shivani, this has meant providing support through our Tailored Day Services program. With the help of our skilled staff, Shivani has been able to engage in various community activities. We have also supported her physical health goals by assisting her with chair exercises, which she enthusiastically participates in for 45 minutes to an hour each session.

A Facilitator’s Perspective:

Shivani’s facilitator at SDCLS is full of praise for her drive and determination, particularly in the realm of writing. “Her drive to excel in writing is very impressive,” they share. “We search many authors and writing websites online and YouTube because she wants to learn and wants it to be a huge, meaningful part of her life.” Shivani’s passion for writing serves as an encouragement to her facilitator, who finds joy in supporting her on this path.

Dreams for the Future:

When asked about her hopes for the future, Shivani’s ambition shines through. She aspires to become a published writer and dreams of seeing her autobiography on bookshelves one day. In addition to her literary aspirations, Shivani has her sights set on a lofty goal: buying a private jet. While some may see this as an unrealistic dream, we at SDCLS believe in the power of dreaming big and supporting our clients in their pursuit of happiness.

Shivani’s Message to Our Readers:

In closing, Shivani has a powerful message to share with our readers: “As long as you put your mind and heart into anything, you can do anything. Never give up!” These words encapsulate Shivani’s indomitable spirit and serve as an inspiration to us all.

At SDCLS, we are honored to be a part of Shivani’s journey and to witness her incredible accomplishments. Her story is a reminder that with determination, passion, and the right support, anything is possible. We look forward to continuing to support Shivani as she chases her dreams and inspires others along the way.