Discover the advantages of using Public Transportation

One of the goals of San Diego Community Living Services is to help participants be as independent as possible, which includes the ability to travel around town. Participants should use public transportation whenever possible and meet facilitators at a predetermined location. Facilitators can help with reading bus and trolley schedules, providing mobility training, and scheduling MTS as a mode of transportation. Facilitators may also assist with transportation for individual cases, special situations, and circumstances as agreed upon by members of the planning team.

Knowing how to use public transportation is a valuable life skill that opens up a whole new world of independence. It’s fun to explore the city, have fun, and make memories along the way. Taking public transportation instead of a taxi or Uber can also save participants money. Another advantage of using public transportation is that it may help participants better prioritize their time because they must adhere to a bus or trolley schedule. Using public transportation can be intimidating and frightening at first, but with practice, it can be a great stepping stone to becoming more confident and empowered in making decisions.

Participants will learn how to be confident and secure in the community, as well as how to ride public transportation responsibly and securely, with the assistance and guidance of San Diego Community Living Services community facilitators.

Here is a picture of Joshua mastering public transportation with the help of our community facilitators. Joshua planned and organized trips to destinations of his choice with the assistance of staff.