Providing our Services Safely though Covid-19 Pandemic

As we continue navigating through the Covid-19 Pandemic, our commitment towards the safety and well-being of our participants and community remains our top priority.

We are rapidly accommodating the way we support our participants to ensure their safety, and the safety of our staff. Some of the measures that have been implemented to continue services in a safe manner are as follows:

  • SDCLS Staff has received extensive training on strategies, methods and applications to provide our services remotely, avoiding in-person meetings as much as possible.
  • SDLCS is continuously providing information on available community resources that our participants may benefit from.
  • Our staff is assisting our participants in obtaining personal protective equipment, such as face masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, and essential hygiene items.
  • Staff ensure our participants have food, water, grocery items and pet food available to them at all times.

You can count on SDLCS to be there for you, supporting and guiding you to overcome these unprecedented times.

As our Main Office, remains closed, please contact us at for any questions or concerns.

Thank you!